EV Fleet



Power up your EV fleet with Volt’s cost-efficient and comprehensive charging solutions.

Join the EV Revolution

Drive the future of transportation with an EV transport, logistics or corporate fleet.

Get ahead of regulations.

Electrify your fleet ahead of regulations that will see all sales of diesel taxis and cars banned from 2025 and only greener vehicles awarded COEs by 2030.

Enjoy lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

With government grants and incentives as well as lower fuel costs, EVs are cheaper to run than conventional vehicles.

Build a greener future.

Transiting to e-mobility is one way to embrace a greener future while improving energy efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint and ensuring compliance with legislation.

Why Volt

From buses, lorries and vans, to taxis and motorcycles, we develop the infrastructure and solutions you need for your EV fleet.

charging solutions.

Our end-to-end solutions help EV fleet owners achieve cost efficiency while minimising vehicle downtime. We offer a wide selection of chargers to meet every need and give your drivers access to our reliable public network.

Comprehensive fleet
account management.

Gain a complete overview of your charging operations and requirements. With all fleet vehicles and payments tracked via a common account, you enjoy better control of your operations with Volt.

Optimise performance
with data analytics.

Enhance operations, realise greater efficiency and plan for future growth as we empower you with full visuals of key EV charging parameters, from the charging status of every charger to deviations in the chargers’ performance.

Customised solutions for your every need

  • Site

  • Design
    & Planning

  • Procurement
    & Installation

  • Hardware

  • Mobile

  • Billing
    & Payment

  • Customer

  • Charger Management

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